Speeches are often made in reaction to a specific event or situation, and therefore it is important to be aware of the context or circumstances in which the speech was made. It may be relevant to consider many different factors here, such as historical, cultural, social or even geographical circumstances. To become fully aware of the circumstances surrounding a speech, you may need to do some research.

The occasion of the speech

Your first priority is to consider the specific occasion on which the speech was delivered. When and where was it delivered? Was it delivered during a special event, such as a political rally or a visit at a school? Or perhaps it was delivered in the context of political tensions in a given nation?

It may also be relevant to consider whether the speaker makes direct references to the occasion in her speech. For example, politicians often make references to the locations where their speech is delivered or the people who have gathered to listen to it. Also remember that politicians are usually interested in gaining as much voter support as possible, so they will usually choose the venues and audiences of their speeches c...

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