Text work after the analysis

When working with a speech in a school context, you will usually be expected to make some kind of rhetorical analysis. However, you may also have some extra work to do once your analysis is completed, depending on the specific instructions you have received.

You may be expected to present your assessment of whether the speech is successful, or you may be expected to put your speech into perspective by relating it to something else.

On the following page, we will provide detailed advice on how to assess a speech. Assessment is generally about taking a step back and trying to determine whether the speaker succeeds in communicating her intention in a convincing way. In short: is she likely to persuade her audience?

Afterwards, we will offer suggestions on how to put a speech into perspective and consider different strategies for doing so, such as thematic perspectives or stylistic perspectives.

Whether you are expected to do neither, one, or both of these things may vary from situation to situation. If you are uncertain about what is expected in your situation, the safest choice is to ask your teacher.