Arnold Schwarzenegger begins his speech at the Republican National Convention from 2004 by comparing his welcome to winning an Oscar. He then compares his movie, True Lies, to the Democratic Party’s convention.

He goes on with a personal narrative about growing up in Austria, which was partially occupied by the Soviets. He recounts his dreams of living in the US and his fears of the Soviet occupation.

He recalls coming to the US in 1968 and watching the Nixon-Humphrey presidential debate which inspired him to become a Republican like Nixon.

He addresses other immigrants and tells them that America is a land of opportunity and that the Republican Party will always welcome them as long as they are hardworking and law-abiding. He talks about what being a Republican means, regardless of one’s country of origin.

He lists Republican values like government accountability, individualism, holding the educational system accountable, believing the US is the best hope for democracy, and fight...

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