Steve Jobs' Commencement Address


This study guide will help you analyze Steve Jobs’ Commencement Address at Stanford University (2005). In addition to help for your analysis, you can find a summary of the speech and ideas for putting it into perspective.

Steve Jobs (1955-2011) was an American inventor, designer, and entrepreneur who was the co-founder and CEO of Apple. He was involved in the creation of revolutionary products such as the Mac computers or the iPhone. He was also a chairman and investor of Pixar animation. He won numerous awards for his innovation in the field of technology and his entrepreneurship, such as the National Medal of Technology in 1985, and he was named one of Time’s 100 most influential people in the world five different times.


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The audience of Steve Jobs’ speech is the graduates of the class of 2005 at Stanford University and their families and the university’s staff. In his speech, Jobs shares three personal stories and gives advice to the graduates: “And now, as you graduate and begin anew, I wish that for you: Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish”. The event was filmed and the speech was published on online platforms, so it is now available to a wider audience...

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Steve Jobs' Commencement Address

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