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Robert Swindells and his background

Robert Swindells (b. 1939), the author of Stone Cold, is an English writer who is most popular for his novels and stories for children and young adults. 
Swindells’ childhood was heavily influenced by World War II, and he often tried to find comfort in reading. At eleven, Swindells failed the test that determined whether he would be suitable to pursue higher education. Therefore, at fifteen, he graduated from school and started working for a newspaper. In school, however, his English teacher encouraged Swindells to pursue his dreams of becoming a writer and helped him enter an essay contest which he eventually won. 

Swindells joined the Royal Air Force for three years, got a factory job, got married, and then continued his studies. Instead of writing an essay to complete his degree work, Swindells decided to write a children’s novel. The novel, When Darkness Comes, was praised and published in 1973. During the following years, he remarried and continued writing. Swindells’ novel Brother...

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