The novel Stone Cold by Robert Swindells shows that appearances can be deceiving. First, Shelter adopts a name and an attitude that help him explore others’ vulnerabilities. He targets not only the homeless, who are deceived by his presumed good intentions, but also the police, who see him as a caring and selfless man who pities those in need. 

Secondly, the homeless man who steals Link’s watch also shows that looks can be deceiving. Although he appears tough and violent, he is a lonely man deep down and he is easily tricked by Shelter because of this (Daily Routine Orders 3, 0%). Finally, Link’s looks are deceiving for the people who are hiring: “I looked like a tramp. I knew nobody was going to take me on looking like that” (Daily Routine Orders 3, 80%). Because of his unkempt appearance, Link fails to get the jobs that he would otherwise have been able to access.

The novel is also an invitation for people to reconsider their attitudes towards the homeless. The general public is portrayed as selfish and prejudiced against the homeless, as they tend to believe the homeless are idle, ...

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