Robert Swindells’ novel Stone Cold tells the story of Link, a teenage boy who leaves home because of a fight with his mother’s boyfriend, Vince. After Vince presumably tries to abuse Link’s older sister, Carole, she leaves home and moves in with her boyfriend. Link leaves home after school ends, as Vince accuses him of taking advantage of his mother’s money. Although Carole helps him from time to time and lets him sleep in her apartment, Link decides to leave Bradford for good after a tense Boxing Day dinner with his family. 

Link goes to London and finds a room for rent for two weeks. As he is unable to find a job and help from the DSS, his landlord kicks him out before rent is due and Link finds himself homeless. He has a hard time living on the streets and gets his watch stolen by another homeless man. One night, Link meets Ginger, a homeless boy, who teaches him how to survive and how to beg for money. 

At the same time, an ex-army man who calls himself Shelter is planning his first kill. Shelter is forty-seven years old and was discharged from the army on medical grounds after twenty-nine years of service, even though he has no medical problem. Frustrated, Shelter targets homeless people on the streets of London and invites them hom...

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