One of the main themes explored by Robert Swindells in the novel Stone Cold is homelessness. The theme is connected to Link, who becomes homeless, and to Shelter, who targets homeless people and kills them because he is obsessed to save his country. 

Through Link’s experience, the novel shows that prejudices against homeless people are often unjustified. Although Shelter believes that the homeless do not want to work and simply roam around the country being idle, Link proves the contrary. He is obsessed with finding a job and constantly looks for work, both in Bradford and in London:

I’d always wanted a job of course, but now it became a longing – almost an obsession. Worst thing was, I knew it was a non-starter – nobody was going to give me a chance the way I looked now – but it didn’t stop me wanting, or trying. I really did try too. I haunted the Job Centre, wrote letters on nicked paper, bought stamps I couldn’t afford – I even had a couple of interviews but I never got a r...

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