Malcolm X begins his speech by addressing the audience and announcing that his topic is the African-American revolt and its future.

The speaker argues that African Americans of all creeds should join the fight for civil rights because all of them are oppressed by white Americans. At the same time, he professes his devotion to Islam. He claims he is not against white Americans but only their oppression and exploitation of African Americans.

The speaker believes that the African-American community needs to act fast if they want to obtain equal rights, because 1964 is an electoral year. He argues that African Americans should either be able to vote or react violently to the violation of their civil rights.

Malcolm X discusses the way the political class exploits African Americans and their votes and argues that negotiating with the government is not a solution. The speaker gives examples of how votes can influence electoral outcomes and why the African-American vote matters. He claims that while the African-American vote has given power to the current Democratic government, the Democrats are intentionally delaying passing the Civil Rights Act.

He talks about Dixiecrats (Democrats from the South) wh...

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