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The grandfather

Bruno's 73-year-old (Chapter 8, 0%) grandfather is a secondary character in John Boyne’s novel The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. His name is "Matthias" (Chapter 8, 50%). He lives with Bruno’s grandmother in a small apartment in Berlin (Chapter 8, 0%). He is a former restaurant owner. He is a very sociable man who, as a pensioner, still spends almost every day at the restaurant in the center of town, talking to the guests and meeting his friends until closing time (Chapter 8, 5%). He is proud of his son's military success and is pleased that he was chosen for "such a responsible position" (Chapter 8, 50%). This attitude strains his relationship with his wife, who disagrees with him.

Herr Liszt

Herr Liszt is a teacher hired by Bruno's fath...

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