A broken man

Pavel appears in the novel The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne. He is an old Jewish doctor from Poland, marked by imprisonment in Out-With, but very intelligent. Before his deportation to Out-With, he even ran his own practice. "He’s not as tall as some adults and he has grey hair and stoops over a little", (Chapter 13, 25%).

Since Bruno's family moved into the house in Out-With, Pavel "was there to prepare the vegetables every day and wait on them at the dinner table," (Chapter 2, 25%) and serves the family during meals. When he waits tables, he always wears a "white jacket" (Chapter 2, 25%); otherwise, he too must wear prisoner's clothing.

Helpful and Wise 

Pavel gets a tire from the storage shed for Bruno so that he can build a swing. When Bruno injur...

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