Character profiles



Appearance: not “as tall" (Chapter 3, 25%) as other boys his age.

Important information: He was born on April 15, 1934, and is about nine years old. He comes from Berlin, but then has to move to Out-With. Bruno loves to play, and wants to become an explorer when he grows up. He is a very well-behaved and sensitive boy, who always treats the people around him with kindness and respect. He grows up during the Nazi era in Germany, which, however, has no influence on him, since he does not know the typical symbols and teachings of Nazism. In Out-With, he unexpectedly meets Shmuel, a boy of the same age with whom he becomes friends. Bruno dies in the Out-With camp while trying to help his friend find his father.

The mother

Appearance: tall, long red hair.

Important information: She loves her children and pays a lot of attention to their upbringing. The relationship with her husband is strained. She refers to him only vaguely as "some people" (Chapter 5, 0%) and detests his work. She also begins an affair with Lieutenant Kotler. After Kotler’s transfer from Out-With, she becomes depressed and starts drinking a lot of alcohol. As a result, she desperately wants to return to Berlin. After Bruno's sudden disappearance, she spends a few more months in Out-With, waiting for his return. When she realizes that her son will not return, she goes back to Berlin with her daughter and without her husband.

The father

Appearance: always wears a "freshly pressed uniform" (Chapter 5, 13%).

Important information: His name is Ralf and he is an esteemed commandant with personal contact with Hitler. He calls himself a patriot and works in a high position in the Out-With camp. He is used to receiving recognition. Because of his work, he is rarely at home with his family. He is very strict, which makes him an authority figure for his children. He also tries to educate his children in the Nazi spirit. The father, who shows feelings for the first time after Bruno's disappearance and is very unhappy, finds out what happened to Bruno.


She is Bruno's older sister and twelve ye...

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