The father

The strict patriot

Gretel and Bruno's father, from the novel The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne, is called "Ralf" (Chapter 8, 50%). He pays a lot of attention to his outward appearance. He always wears a "freshly pressed uniform. His thick dark hair had obviously been recently lacquered and combed" (Chapter 5, 13%). Because of his good education and ambition, he has come a long way in life and has made a career for himself. 

He is in personal contact with Hitler, who has already visited him in Berlin. Hitler still has "big things in mind for him" (Chapter 13, 38%). He promoted the father to Commandant, at which point he had to move with his family from Berlin to Auschwitz. His work is appreciated by other soldiers. They are "polite" (Chapter 1, 20%) to him and try to fight “with each other for his attention" (Chapter 5, 25%). Because of his high position, he is also used to giving orders to other people. 

The father serves his country faithfully and calls himself a "patriot" (Chapter 8, 75%). He insists, for example, that Bruno say goodbye to him with "Heil Hitler" (Chapter 5, 100%). He also tries to teach his children Nazi ide...

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