The grandmother

The open-minded artist 

Bruno's grandmother from John Boyne’s novel The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and appears only in flashbacks. She Bruno’s grandmother on his father’s side and is called "Nathalie" (Chapter 8, 50%). She was a successful singer who even "toured Germany" (Chapter 6, 50%). The 62-year-old has long red hair and green eyes (Chapter 8, 0%). She lives with her husband in a small apartment in Berlin. She dies in a bomb attack and is buried in a Berlin cemetery.

Bruno's grandmother claims to be of Irish descent. For this reason, she detests Nazism and its ideologies. She is shocked by her son's choice of profession and political attitude. When she sees her son in his new uniform, she claims she wants to tear her “eyes out of (her) head" (Chapter...

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