Differences between the book and the film

There are several significant differences between John Boyne’s novel The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and the film adaptation. 

Departure from Berlin

While in the book Bruno's father is already in Out-With and his mother brings Bruno the news of the move, in the film his father is still in Berlin and informs him of the approaching move. The family then travels to Out-With together.

The relationship between the grandmother and Bruno's father

In the film, before leaving for Out-With, Bruno's parents throw a party during which it is implied that his grandmother does not approve of their son's career. In the book, Bruno recalls a scene between his grandmother and his father in which they argue about his father's life path.

Persecution of the Jews

Bruno grows up in the time of Nazism. In the book, Bruno observes the deportation of the Jews to the concentration camps without knowing what exactly is going on when he is at the train station with his mother and sister. In the film, we see some people being taken away from their Berlin homes in trucks.

A window to another world

When they arrive at Out-With, Bruno can see the camp through the window in his room. In the book, Gretel and Bruno initially think that Out-With is the name of the house they moved into, not the name of the camp. In the movie, B...

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