Summary of the film

Move and friendship

In the film adaptation of The Boy with the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne, fun-loving and playful eight-year-old Bruno from Berlin has just come home from school when his family informs him that they have to move. After a farewell party, to which Bruno's grandparents are also invited, the family drives together to their new house. Upon arrival, Bruno is initially very unhappy. From the window of his room, he can see the camp that he calls a farm. His parents try everything to hide the truth about the camp and the people living there from their children. They board up Bruno's windows and even forbid him to go into the garden.

Bruno is bored and asks Lieutenant Kotler, a young soldier of his father, for an old tire so that he can build a swing. Kotler orders the Jewish camp inmate Pavel, who works for the family as a kitchen assistant, to fetch a tire from the shed in the garden. On this occasion, Bruno notices a window in the shed that leads into the forest nearby. 

Bruno falls while swinging. Pavel, who has noticed the accident, carries him into the house and tends to his bleeding knee. In the process, Pavel tells Bruno that he is actually a doctor, but Bruno does not believe him.

Out of curiosity, Bruno climbs through the window in the shed the next day and walks in the forest until he reaches the fence of the camp. There, he sees another boy named Shmuel. The two talk and from then on, they always meet at that spot. Bruno regularly takes food for Shmuel....

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