Francis Garaventa

In Dave Eggers’ novel The Circle, Francis Garaventa is a Circle employee whom Mae meets on her first night there. Francis seems awkward but Mae is attracted to him. When she first meets him, she notices him only as a “shadow” and as “a pair of glasses reflecting blue, sitting atop the vague shape of a man” (p. 32). This suggests that Francis lacks individuality and a unique personality; he has already been turned into a robot by The Circle, unable to think for himself. 

When Mae gets a proper look at him, his appearance seems to be a mixture of hard and soft:

His face was a soft triangle, concluding in a chin so subtly dimpled she hadn’t seen it before that moment. He had the skin of a child, the eyes of a much older man and a prominent nose […]. His eyebrows were heavy dashes rushing away, toward his...

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