Judy Boone

Outer characterization

Judy Boone is a character in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon. She is Christopher’s mother. For the first half of the novel, Christopher believes that she has died of a heart attack. Therefore, initially we only see Judy through Christopher’s memories of her. However, the climax of the novel reveals that Judy is, in fact, alive and living in London with Mr Shears, and towards the end of the book she appears as a character in her own right. 

Christopher describes his mother early in the novel: “Mother was a small person who smelt nice. And she sometimes wore a fleece with a zip down the front which was pink and it had a tiny label which said Berghaus on the left bosom.” (p. 24)

Inner characterization

Judy struggles to cope with Christopher’s behavior

When she lived with Christopher, sh...

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