Literary perspective

Literary movement

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon is part of the realist movement. Realist works of literature use everyday speech and references to real times and places to create an authentic story. 

The novel is set in Swindon, an English town, and makes specific detailed references to real places in Swindon, such as the train station (p. 179). Haddon also includes a detailed and realistic description of Christopher’s journey from Swindon to London, including taking the train, arriving at London Paddington station and taking the Bakerloo line Underground train to Willesden (p. 213). The book even includes a map of Christopher’s route from Willesden Junction station to his mother’s flat at 451c Chapter Road (p. 231).

The novel also uses Christopher’s voice as a first-person narrator to try to create an authentic and realistic impression of what it’s like to be Christopher. It uses language that appropriately reflects Christopher’s mindset and social abilities, as well as realistic dialogue between the characters.

Realist novels often present characters living in ordinary circumstances and undergoing common experiences. The main characters in the book are lower-middle class and live in an ordinary place. Moreover, although Christopher is different, many of the things he does are common, everyday experiences, such as getting the train to London. However, although most people would find such a task easy, Christopher finds it frightening and di...

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