Chapter summaries 151-197

Chapter 151

Christopher thinks of mysteries as things that science hasn’t yet found a logical answer to. He then explains a formula for animal populations. 

Chapter 157

Six days later, Christopher takes the rest of the letters from Ed’s room and starts to read them. In the letters, Judy explains that she left Christopher and his father to live in London with Mr Shears. She couldn’t cope with Christopher’s behavior and thought he was better off with Ed. 

Christopher finally understands that his mother isn’t dead and that his father has lied to him. He blacks out and throws up on himself. 

Ed finds him and realizes that Christopher has read the letters. Christopher is in a state of shock and allows his father to clean him up. 

Chapter 163

Christopher explains that when he was younger, he didn’t understand that other people have minds that are separate to his own. He argu...

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