Characterization of Mrs. Drover


Mrs. Kathleen Drover is the main character of the short story “The Demon Lover” by Elizabeth Bowen. At the time of the narrative, she is forty-four years old. Her physical appearance is described when she looks in the mirror and reveals that she is an elegant woman:

She had not put on any more powder since she left the shop where she ate her solitary tea. The pearls her husband had given her on their marriage hung loose round her now rather thinner throat, slipping in the V of the pink wool jumper her sister knitted last autumn as they sat round the fire.

Mrs. Drover has been married for twelve years and has three sons with her husband, William Drover. Before the bombings, she lived with her family in a quiet part of Kensington. At the time of the narrative, the family has moved to the countryside. Twenty-five years before the main events, when Kathleen was nineteen, she had a brief engagement to a soldier who has then declared missing and presumed dead during World War I. 

Mrs. Drover is a delicate woman, something that is sugges...

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