Teenage years and war

Anne Frank wrote her diary between June 12, 1942, and August 1, 1944. These two years are interesting not only from a historical perspective (cf. Perspectives), but also because they accompany Anne through her turbulent puberty: from her thirteenth to shortly after her fifteenth birthday (cf. Themes, Growing up). 

Anne begins to write her diary after the Netherlands has been under German occupation for more than two years. Already before the Frank family has to hide in the back building of the Dutch Opekta company, their life is drastically restricted by the Nazis through numerous anti-Jewish laws. After Anne moves into the secret annex on July 6, 1942, the events of World War II remain directly or indirectly present in her diary.

For two years, all the inhabitants of the secret annex fear being discovered by the German occupying forces, which remains a key element in their daily lives. In addition, almost every evening German and English pilots engage in air battles that shake the whole Amsterdam. The hopes of all those in hiding rest on the English army. Its progress has a constant positive effect on the general mood.

Even though Anne does not grant the political situ...

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