The short story “The Dragon” by Cynthia Forder has a linear structure. It mainly focuses on the development of the main character, Kay.

The characters include the narrator, named Kay, and Bob, the boy who comes to visit her in the evening. The two have a conversation on the porch and Bob ends up confronting Kay about her opinion of him.

The physical setting is Kay’s house, particularly the porch’s swing, where the two are hanging out having a conversation. The time setting is also important in the interpretation of the story, as it happens before the characters go to college, which means that they are not yet adults.

The story is told by a first-person narrator, Kay, who seems to be stuck in her own immature fantasy world. As she relates the story, she also comments upon the other character, Bob, but her perception is distorted and biased.

The language is informal, and the author uses various symbols to represent Kay’s immaturity and perception of the world.

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