Literary perspectives

The short story “The Dragon” by Cynthia Forder can be considered an example of modernist fiction.

Modernist fiction focuses on the representation of ordinary characters as the events usually take place in an everyday setting. This is the case for Forder’s short story si…


Works with the same theme

Sinéad de Valera’s short story “The Spoiled Child” also focuses on the theme of growing up. In this story, the main character is a girl named Aisling who, like Kay, is self-absorbed. While Kay is still stuck in her fantasy world, Aisling cannot get over her childish self. Both Kay and Aisling begin their process of growing up thanks to other people and by seeing the reality that they so long avoided.

The theme of growing up is also present in the short story “Blackberries” by Leslie Norris. In this case, the unnamed boy goes through a change because he has to experie…

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