Physical setting

The short story “The Escape” by Qaisra Shahraz takes place in Manchester, England, and Pakistan, where Samir goes to. Lahore and to the village where Samir’s parents are buried. There is also a flashback to Samir’s youth, when he spent time in London.

The story begins during the Eid ul Fitr Festival (p. 3, l. 29), also known as the Festival of Breaking the Fast. It is a religious festival celebrated by Muslims which marks the end of the Ramadan fast. Samir celebrates Eid by offering Eid prayers at the mosque (p. 1, l. 13), followed by Eid dinner with his family. 

Throughout the story, Samir “escapes” from one town, and even country, to another, searching for a place where he feels “at home”. However, all these places make him feel unwelcome to some degree, and he always feels disconnected from them. He always yearns for a feeling of home, which he does not have, especially not after the death of his wife. When he is in England, he yearns t...

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