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The main theme in the short story “The Escape” by Qaisra Shahraz is belonging. Especially after his wife’s death, Samir feels like he does not belong anywhere. The feeling is closely connected to the wish to “escape” to a better place where he will finally “belong.” Thus, the title of the story, “The Escape”, also illustrates the theme.

Samir’s entire life has been a constant journey to “escape” from one place to another. His first “escape” was from Pakistan to England, in search of a better life. Then, in England, he moved to London, Blackburn, and finally Manchester. After his wife’s death, he again feels the need to “escape” – this time back to Pakistan, which he refers to as “home” (p. 4, ll. 3-7). However, Samir barely spends a week in...

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