Augustus Waters

Cancer and amputation

Augustus Waters is a key character in the novel The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. He is a tall and lanky seventeen-year-old boy. He lives with his parents in Indianapolis/ Indiana USA. Augustus is the only child in the marriage of his parents, Cindy and Mark Waters. He has two half sisters Julie and Martha who are already 28 and live in Chicago with their children and husbands. His family calls him "Gus" .

Gus has straight, short black hair and blue eyes. He often puts on a little crooked smile (Chapter 1, 56%). At 15.5 years old, he got osteosarcoma. He had his right leg partially amputated. Instead, he got a prosthetic leg (Chapter 1, 78%). This type of cancer has a good chance of being cured. 

The reason Gus is in the 10th grade at North Central is because he has been absent and sitting out due to his illness. Before his illness, he was a very good basketball player and he has many trophies and awards from that time. The day before the amputation, he played basketball for the last time. Looking back, he finds the whole game silly and now dismisses it as a kid’s game.

Gus likes to play video games and thinks boy movies, like V for Vendetta, are cool. He listens to a band called The Hectic Glow. His favorite book is the novel version of the video game The Price of Dawn. This is a serialized novel in which Sergeant Max Mayhem has to go on new adventures, with lots of blood, war, hostages, and deaths. The novel is set in a fantasy world. Augustus likes to immerse himself in his fantasies and yet is always caught up with reality. 

Despite the rather trivial literature and films with which he passes his time, Augustus expresses himself in a very cultivated and refined manner. His thought processes are characterized by great depth and maturity. His favorite pastimes are thinking and philosophizing. The way he tries to explain fate seems to be far beyond the mentality of a 17-year-old teenager.

The cool cynic

When he meets Hazel at the support group, Augustus is cancer-free. He is there to accompany his friend Isaac. He and Isaac know each other from Memorial Hospital. He deals very ironically with the cancer that has him and his friends firmly in its grip. Augustus often expresses himself figuratively in metaphors: "'I’m on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend.'" (Chapter 1, 44%). 

In his home, his parents have decorated everything with motivational sayings, such as: "True Love Is Born from Hard Times" (Chapter 2, 25%). Augustus makes fun of these sayings: "My parents call them Encouragements" Chapter 2, 25%). He likes ridicule and provocation. Despite his cancer, he always has a pack of cigare...

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