Caroline Mathers

The beautiful brunette 

We should also mention Caroline Mathers when we talk about John Green’s novel The Fault in Our Stars. Caroline is Augustus' ex-girlfriend who died of a brain tumor the year before (Chapter 5, 29%). Hazel tries to find out something about Caroline through her social media wall. She realizes from the photos that Caroline and her share a close resemblance in their sick state: "The physical similarities were striking: same steroidally round face, same nose, same approximate overall body shape. But her eyes were dark brown (mine are green) and her complexion was much darker—Italian or something" (Chapter 6, 29%). Finally, Hazel sees photos on the Internet of the healthy Caroline, from whom she is very different: "[...] a beautiful girl, wide-hipped and curvy, with long, straight deadblack hair falling over her face. My healthy self looked very little like her healthy self" (Chapter 6, 43%).

Hazel, however, finds that Caroline's wall is full of generic phrases, and she can't g...

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