The short story “The Gentlemen of the Jungle” by Jomo Kenyatta follows a traditional plot structure, while including narrative elements like foreshadowing.

The main characters of the story are the man and the elephant, though the other animals of the jungle also play a role through their alliance with the elephant, especially the lion.

The events take place in the African jungle, where the huts build by the man play a significant role. The social setting explores several aspects of the type of society created through colonisation.

The events are described from the point of view of an omniscient third-person narrator, who is especially focused on sharing the perspective of the man, but also shows some insight into other the other characters.

The story is told through a mix of narration and dialogue. The language of the animal characters is often very formal. This is meant to convey the typical language of bureaucratic societies. It also highlights the animals’ hypocrisy, as their language comes in contrast with their self-serving attitude and discriminatory behaviour against the man.  

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