“The Gentlemen of the Jungle” by Jomo Kenyatta tells the story of a man who lets an elephant place his trunk inside his hut during a thunderstorm. The man is then thrown out of his hut by the elephant. The elephant argues that his skin is more sensitive than the man’s, so he needs the hut to protect himself from the hailstorm.

The man and the elephant argue over the hut, drawing the attention of other animals in the jungle, including the lion, the King of the Jungle. The lion orders his ministers to appoint  a Commission of Enquiry and assures the man that his case will be heard. The elephant and the other ministers – Mr Rhinoceros, Mr Buffalo, Mr Alligator, the Rt Hon. Mr Fox, and Mr Leopard – decide that they should form the Commission.

The man argues that someone from his side should be part of the Commission, but he is informed that thi...

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