Lily is a secondary character in the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry. She is Jonas' younger sister. She lives in a row house with her mother, father, and older brother Jonas. At the beginning of the novel, she belongs to the "Sevens" and is thus about seven years old (Chapter 1, 45%). Her family has affectionately given her the nickname the nickname Lily-billy.

Lily, like Jonas, has assimilated the rules and regulations of the community and follows them obediently. For example, she asks if they can keep the infant Gabriel, but she herself knows that it is impossible, since each family unit is only allowed to have two children (Chapter 1, 82%). 

Lily is described as impulsive and outspoken. Thus Jonas thinks: "Lily’s feelings were always straightforward, fairly simple, usually easy to resolve. He guessed that his own had been, too, when he was a Seven" (Chapter 1, 64%). For example, she's upset with a boy from another community who didn't get in line at the slide. She is angry because someone is n...

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