The Receiver of Memory / The Giver

Age: Elderly

Function in the community: advisor to the Committee of Elders; the only one who can remember the past.

Place of residence: Lives a lonely and isolated life alone in a room.

Family relationships: A former spouse who now lives with the Childless Adults; daughter Rosemary, who died.

Appearance: Pale eyes, wrinkles on face.

Character: Wise, intelligent, serious, melancholic, kind, considerate, sad, first resigned, then optimistic, dutiful.

Special Features: Can "see beyond", hear music, see colors, transfer his memories.

Relationship: Loved his daughter Rosemary very much, loves Jonas as his own son, wants greater recognition from the Committee of Elders, is willing to sacrifice himself for the community.


Age: Approx. 12 years, a "Twelve"

Function in the community: student, then training to become a Receiver of Memory

Place of residence: row house in the community

Family relationships: Harmonious nuclear family of father, mother and sister Lily

Nickname: Jonas-bonus

Appearance: Light eyes, short hair

Character: curious, inquisitive, intelligent, brave, compassionate, honest, dutiful, rebellious, critical, resistant, self-sacrificing, selfless

Talents: many interests, learns and comprehends quickly, can "see beyond" things: can see colors.

Friends: Asher, Fiona

Relationship: Feels love for the Receiver/Giver as for a father, brotherly love for Gabriel, likes Fiona and finds her attractive.

Special Features: Follows the rules at first, but also questions the conditions and processes in his community. When he realizes that some rules are not good, he begins to disobey them. He is selfless and compassionate, as he wants to share the Receiver's suffering and cares for his foster brother Gabriel and his family.

When he realizes that his father has lied to him, he sees this breach of trust as a great crime. Through the memories that the Giver has transmitted to him, he learns to feel emotions and begins to love the Receiver/Giver like a father; he escapes from the community at night to save Gabriel's life.


Age: newchild, a few months old at first, a little over a year at the end of the storyline

Place of residence: Nurturing Center

Family relationships: No family, is taken in...

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