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The dystopian society

Lois Lowry's dystopian novel The Giver (1993) is set in a seemingly peaceful, safe, and ideal community without war, strife, poverty, or starvation. Infants and the elderly are cared for in centers, and the population is supplied with food. No one lies, and everyone in the community is granted children, spouses, and occupations that match the person's inclinations and abilities. Family members treat each other with respect and regularly discuss their feelings and dreams.

The Committee of Elders leads the community, and everything, from birth to death, is precisely regulated by strict rules, rituals, ceremonies, monitoring, and punishments. Thus, the population has no say in their lives. They are left in ignorance about many things, for example about the matter of "releasing": criminals, old people, and even unwanted babies are said to be released, which means that they are killed with the help of a lethal injection.

In the community...

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