The novel The Giver by Lois Lowry presents a society that could be considered to be ruled by a dictatorship. By dictatorship we mean that one person or a small group of people rule alone. This is also the case in the perfect-looking community in which Jonas lives. 

The entire lives of the citizens is determined by the Committee of Elders. The Chief Elder leads the committee. She was probably elected by the Elders for ten years . There is no mention of a democratic election in the novel. The citizens therefore have no vote or say in who rules them.

The citizens of the community are deliberately kept in ignorance. There are also no books in the community, except for a dictionary, the community guide that describes "every office, factory, building" of the community, the structure of the committee, and the Book of Rules (Chapter 10, 33%). Therefore, the people have no way to educate themselves or learn anything other than what the Elders tell them.

The members of the community receive only the propaganda of the Elders. Therefore, they believe that the Committee of Elders wants only what is best for them and always decides in the best interests of the communit...

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