In the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry, Jonas and Gabriel are distinguished by the fact that they both have light eyes, which is very rare (Chapter 3, 0%). The Giver also has light eyes (Chapter 10, 44%). This characteristic makes all three of them stand out. All three can receive memories.

Jonas and the Giver differ from the other members of the community mainly because they experience memories and gain knowledge that the others do not have. If they were to talk to someone about how this feels, no one could understand them: 

He was very aware of his own admonition not to discuss his training. But it would have been impossible, anyway. There was no way to describe to his friends what he had experienced there in the Annex room. How could you describe a sled without describing a hill and snow; and how could you describe a hill and snow to someone who had never felt height or wind or that feathery, magical cold? (Chapter 12, 10%).

Jonas furthermore possesses the ability, like the Receiver, of seeing beyond. He sees through the conformity and colorlessness of the community. A first indication of this is the mention of the apple: 

But suddenly Jonas had noticed, following the path of the apple through the air with his eyes, that the piece of fruit had—well, this was the part that he couldn’t adequately understand—the apple had changed. Just for an instant. [...] The same nondescript shade, about the same shade as his own tunic (Chapter 3, 71%).

Later, Jonas recognizes Fiona's hair color.

Jonas learns the ability to see colors from...

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