The first chapter of Lois Lowry’s novel The Giver hints at control by the community's chiefs. Jonas reports the "the rasping voice through the speakers" giving instructions to the community as a jet flies overhead (Chapter 1, 9%).

 Later, this Speaker  announces that the pilot of the plane will be punished (Chapter 1, 13%). When Jonas takes the apple home from the playground, the Speaker points out this offense by reminding that this is not allowed (Chapter 3, 57%).

The Speaker’s announcements are a reprimand, but they also have the effect of social outlawing. The notices communicated through the speakers do not name the guilty person. For example, when Lily wears her hair ribbons untidily, it says, "There would be an announcement like that quite soon, he [Jonas] felt certain, and it would be directed mainly at Lily, though her name, of course, would not be mentioned. Everyone would know" (Chapter 3, 43%).

 Jonas is also reprimanded without being named when he steals the apple. Afterwards, no one speaks to him about what he has done, "[...] not ...

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