The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas is clearly intended as a social commentary. It takes up a range of real-world issues of society and offers its perspective on them. It may therefore also be viewed as an input in the general debate about discrimination against African Americans. 

The novel takes a clear side in this debate, as the entire story is told from the perspective of an African American teenage girl who either witnesses or experiences various kinds of discrimination. The most striking example of this is of course Khalil’s death at the hands of One-Fifteen, which references the many real-life cases where police officers have shot an unarmed African American person. 

In general, the novel offers a negative portrayal of the US police and the US justice system, as both the shooting itself and the legal case following it are suggested to have roots in systemic racism. However, there is also some nuance as we see a more ideal example of a police officer through the character of Uncle Carlos, and we also see the police help bring the gangleader King to justice at t...

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