Outer characterization

Grace is an important character in the short story “The Headstrong Historian” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Grace is the daughter of Anikwenwa and Mgbeke, now called Michael and Agnes, and the granddaughter of Obierika and Nwamgba. In fact, Nwamgba believes that Obierika’s spirit has returned in her, which is why she secretly calls Grace Afamefunna, which means “my name will not be forgotten”. Late in life, Grace will officially change her name to Afamefunna.

Grace has an older brother called Peter. She attends secondary school in Onicha, then University College in Ibadan. Initially, she wants to study chemistry, but then switches to history. It is eventually revealed that the title “The Headstrong Historian” refers to her, as she becomes an advocate for the Nigerian people. She writes books and receives awards. We also know that Grace marries a man called George Chikadibia. However, they divorce in 1972. Grace also has four miscarriages.

Inner characterization

Grace is exposed to both Western culture, through her father and the secondary school she attends, as well as to her people’s traditions through Nwamgba, who teaches her the ways of her people. This gives Grace a bala...

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