Foxface is the girl tribute from District 5 in the novel The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Her real name is not revealed, but Katniss nicknames her Foxface because of her fox-like features and sleek red hair (Chapter 3, 88%).

Foxface is also “sly and elusive” (Chapter 9, 70%), which further strengthens the association with a fox. In the arena, she survives by hiding and avoiding direct confrontation so much so that the other tributes forget about her and by stealing food and supply from others without having them notice. For example, Katniss sees Foxface stealing only a handful items of each type from the Careers’ plentiful supplies so they do not notice food is missing (Chapter 16, 81%).

Foxface also unknowingly tips Katniss off about the presence of the land mines around the Careers’ supplies because of the careful and pre...

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