The novel The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins explores a range of themes, which you can read about on the following pages.


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At the same time, survival in the Hunger Games also means engaging the audience and creating an entertaining experience for them, which Katniss is aware of and uses to her advantage: 

The audience will have been beside themselves, knowing I was in the tree, that I overheard the Careers talking, that I discovered Peeta was with them. Until I work out exactly how I want to play that, I’d better at least act on top of things. Not perplexed. Certainly not confused or frightened. 

No, I need to look one step ahead of the game. (Chapter 12, 25%)

In this way, Katniss shows she is aware of the importance of appearances to her survival. It is this knowledge that allows Katniss to survive in the Games. 

After winning the Games, Katniss continues to be in danger for outwitting the Capitol. Although...

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