The Ideas Shaping a New India

This study guide will help you analyze Anand Giridharadas’s article “The Ideas Shaping a New India”. In addition to help for your analysis, you can find a summary of the text and ideas for putting it into perspective

Presentation of the text

Title: “The Ideas Shaping a New India” (2011)

Sender: Anand Giridharadas

Genre: Article

Anand Giridharadas is an American journalist, political analyst, and author. He is a former columnist and foreign correspondent for The New York Times and has also written for The New Yorker, The Atlantic, and Time. His writing has won numerous awards. In the article “The Ideas Shaping a New India”, published in The New York Times, Giridharadas discusses ideas also explored in his book India Calling: An Intimate Portrait of a Nation’s Remaking (2011).


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Receiver and medium

The article “The Ideas Shaping a New India” by Anand Giridharadas was published in the printed edition of The New York Times on January 15, 2011, and was also made available online on the newspaper’s website. As a result, the receivers of the article are readers of The New York Times, mainly Americans who read the print version when it was published but also English speakers worldwide who read the online version of the newspaper...

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The Ideas Shaping a New India

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