Logos, ethos, and pathos

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In his article “The Ideas Shaping a New India”, Anand Giridharadas primarily appeals to pathos. He does this firstly through the use of figurative language. Metaphors such as the personification of India as a country that “walks with swagger” (p. 310, l. 10) or that has “a youngster’s sense of immunity” (p. 310, l. 11) help him argue that despite its old history, India is still a developing country. 

Giridharadas also appeals to pathos when he mentions Indian attitudes surrounding family. By using words with negative connotations such as “hindrance” (p. 311, l.6) or “the economy of guilt and sacrifice” (p. 311, l. 10), he shows that old-fashioned attitudes towards family and aiming to please one’s family at the expense of one’s own wishes can be damaging. 

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