Style of writing

The language used in the article “The Ideas Shaping a New India” by Anand Giridharadas is mostly neutral. Giridharadas uses a mix of formal and informal elements. For example, he uses complex language and formal phrases such as “amorphous” , “tryst with destiny” , or “passé” . 

At the same time, he also uses informal elements such as “swagger” , “of sorts”, “English-crazy” . Through this mix of different types of language, Giridharadas manages to discuss complex ideas in a simple and accessible manner that also keeps readers engaged. 

When it comes to sentence structure, most of the sentences in the article are of middle length, which makes the article easy to follow. At times, longer sentences are used when Giridharadas highlights important or complex concepts: “They are coming to believe, in short, that the best approach ...

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