The novella The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry does not begin with the first meeting of the little prince and the pilot in the desert, but with the pilot as a six-year-old boy. In the second chapter there is a time jump to the actual event: the meeting of the little prince with the pilot. The first-person narrator tells the story six years after this encounter.

The pilot spends eight days with the little prince in the desert. During these eight days, the pilot learns about the Little Prince's origins (chapters 3 to 8), his journey across the planets (chapters 9 to 15), and his stay on Earth so far (chapters 17 to 23).

We do not know how much time the little prince spent traveling since he left his planet. All that is known is that he spent one year on Earth. The little prince spends the last eight days on Earth together with the pilot.

On the one-year anniversar...

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