The fox

The fox is an important character in Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s novella The Little Prince. The fox meets the little prince when he is very sad. The fox hides under an apple tree because he is shy. The little prince finds the fox "very pretty" (71%). When he asks the fox to play with him, the fox replies that this is not possible because he has not yet been tamed. 

The little prince has never heard this term before and wants to know what taming means. The fox then explains to the little prince that taming means something like "to establish ties" (72%). The fox wants to be tamed because his life will then be full of sunshine (72%).

The fox describes his current life as monotonous. He hunts chickens and is hunted by people, which is why he doesn't like them. For him, all days are the same, except for Thursday. This is his favorite day, he says, because the hunters go dancing on that day, so he does not have to be afraid of them. The only interest of people, according to the fox, is to breed chickens.

The ...

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