The king

The king is a character in the novella The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. He lives alone on the little prince's neighboring planet, asteroid No. 325. He is the first character the little prince visits on his journey. When the little prince arrives, the king, dressed in purple and an ermine cloak that covers the entire planet, is sitting on "a throne which was at the same time both simple and majestic" (33%).

The king sees the little prince as a subject, because for him all other people are his subjects. The king is happy that the little prince is there, because he can finally be king for someone.

When the little prince yawns, the king wants to forbid him to do so, because in his opinion it is not fitting to yawn in the presence of a king. But the little prince says that he can't stop it, and so the king changes his mind and orders the little prince to keep yawning. But the little prince cannot yawn again, and thus the king orders him to yawn ...

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