Here are the elements which will help you with your analysis of Salman Rushdie’s essay “The New Empire within Britain”.

The rhetorical situation is that the speaker is Salman Rushdie, a British writer of Indian descent. The receivers of his essay are made up of the population of Britain, but he targets white British people in particular.

The composition of Rushdie’s essay can be split into several parts, according to the topics he addresses.

The style of writing is neutral. Rushdie uses contractions but also literary language. His use of metaphors enhances the impact of his message. 

Rushdie uses different rhetorical devices such as direct address, to make white British folk realize that the text is aimed at them. Repetition highlights some of his points.

Rushdie uses all three forms of appeal. He appeals to pathos to make white people relate to the immigrants’ struggle but he also mentions personal stories. He appeals to logos by giving facts and clear reasoning.

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