Pathos, Logos and Ethos

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In his essay “The New Empire within Britain”, Salman Rushdie mainly uses pathos to make the reader empathize with how people of color feel because of society. He also uses logos to state facts about immigration in Britain, and ethos to offer his experience with immigrant mistreatment.


An example of an appeal to pathos is shown when Rushdie talks about British imperialism still existing and describes it with a rather grotesque image: “British society, has never been cleansed of the filth of imperialism. It’s still there, breeding lice and vermin, waiting for unscrupulous people to exploit it for their own ends.” (ll.118-121) This highlights the fact that Rushdie views imperialism as one of the main problems that make racism thrive in society.

To make readers more emphatic to the immigrants’ experience, Rushdie gives an example from his personal life: 

A friend of mine, an Indian, was deported recently for the technical offense known as ‘overstaying’. (...)My friend’s son h...

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