The analysis of the short story “The Raft” by Stephen Kings shows that the story follows a chronological plot structure. The narrative follows the events of 24 hours at Cascade Lake near Pittsburgh.

The main character of the story is Randy, but Deke also plays an important role. Rachel and LaVerne are also involved in the story. All events and characters are seen through Randy’s eyes. 

The physical setting of the story is the United States, at Cascade Lake, 40 miles from Pittsburg. The events take place sometime after 1981. The social setting deals with gender issues and misogyny

The story is told by a 3rd person limited narrator, granting the readers access to the thoughts and feelings of the main character. The narrator remains the same and does not change at any point in the story.

The story is written in a neutral language. The dialogue uses informal language which reflects the characters’ personalities and makes the conversation flow naturally.

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