Outer characterization

Deke is a character in Stephen King’s short story “The Raft”. Deke is described by Randy as having “sniper’s eyes” (p. 358, l. 18). He has “lean hips”( (p.359, l. 23), with “the muscles in his back and buttocks working gorgeously”(p.359, ll. 26-27). Deke is Randy’s best friend and they share an apartment. 

Like Randy, Deke attends Horlick University in Pittsburgh and plays football for the university team. He seems to be very good, as one of the former students provides him with a monthly donation (p. 360, ll. 22-24). Deke drives a Camaro (p. 358, l. 7).

Inner characterization

Deke is brave when there is no outside threat. For example, he is brave enough to go to the lake and jump into the ice-cold water first, but when the monster appea...

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